Accordion Item

Accordion item

Accordion item can be added unlimitedly under a accordion element. In the each accordion item you can put any type of site content using WYSIWYG WordPress editor.

Parameter Description Icons
Sort Rearrange accordion item selecting drag and drop toolbar. Sort
Delete Remove the corresponding accordion item from the accordion item list. Delete
Show/Hide Enable or Disable the accordion item from the accordion item list. Enable or Disable
Settings Set accordion title, control item visibility in the accordion item list, make default item active, and put any type of content in accordion item using WordPress default editor. Settings
Clone Duplicate existing accordion item inside the accordion item list. Clone

Accordion Item Settings

Parameter Description Default
Title Display accordion item title identifying the item name. Accordion Item
Show/Hide Disable or show the accordion item from the corresponding accordion item list. Enabled
Default Keep the accordion item collapsed and uncollapsed switching through the activate and deactivate mode. 1st one is true
Contents Display any type of content using default WordPress editor. Text Editor

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