Content Elements

Ultimate Page Builder comes packed with 15 available content elements that can be placed on the working canvas or inside of the right columns. You can consider each element as a brick. Placing your desired brick following requirement content follow, you can build stunning pages with ease. Most of the elements offer advanced setting which let customize the features comprehensively.

  1. UPB Text (Editor)
  2. UPB Accordion
  3. UPB Tabs
  4. UPB Heading
  5. Contact Form 7
  6. WP Archive Widgets
  7. WP Custom Menu Widgets
  8. WP Calendar Widgets
  9. WP Categories Widgets
  10. WP Meta Widgets
  11. WP Pages Widgets
  12. WP Recent Comments Widgets
  13. WP Recent Posts Widgets
  14. WP Search Widgets
  15. WP Text Widgets

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